We Have To 

"Teach Them to Reach Them"

We know reaching quality candidates for a career in broadcast sales can be challenging. Career fairs are one way, but to be at the forefront of recruitment, we need an innovative approach to promote both Radio and Television on college campuses. 

For the last several semesters, our company P1 Learning has partnered with a growing list of broadcasters to introduce our P1 Futures Program. The program is designed to educate college students on a career in broadcasting with a focus on broadcast sales.

The idea? "We've got to “teach them to reach them”. 

This two-week broadcast sales “pop-up” curriculum is designed to slide somewhere within an existing semester schedule. We’ll work hand in hand with each college and instructor to ensure our content aligns to the needs of their class. As a content provider, P1 Learning plans to provide all training materials needed. Specifically…

Online Video Courses, Testing & Written Materials

In-Classroom Webinar / Video Discussion

Weekly Completion Results Sent to Instructor

Sales Academy Certificate of Completion

Semester Investment:

To date, the P1 Futures Program is financed by State Broadcasters Associations with the intent to extend the opportunity to broadcasting companies that look to be proactive in hiring quality salespeople. Organizations can expect to pay $75.00 per enrolled student (estimated 20 students per classroom). 

We'd love to connect to fill in a few gaps and discuss the implementation of this program in your state. 

 Additional Benefit: You Hire, We Train, You Retain

Further, upon successful program completion, if a student should be hired by a station that is a member of your organization, P1 Learning would like to offer complementary enrollment in our seven (7) week live assist on-boarding program, 

P1 Plus ($599 Value).   

  "I gained more knowledge about the broadcast advertising sales part of the industry and everything that goes into it. I work at a radio station now on their promotions team so I work with AEs. I never knew how much goes into gaining clients and working amongst them. "

VCU Broadcast Journalism  

Fall 2019 Graduate

  "I'm so glad I took the time to take this course. I learned about advertising sales in general with an emphasis on media. I love media especially TV it is very interesting the amount of people you can reach with this platform. As social media rises in different ways I think that this industry is going to grow as well. Even with this epidemic, the growth of the radio and TV industry has grown. I have learned a lot about the different parts that go into the thought process of media marketing. Such as the CNA for clients this is something new that I didn't really dive into until this class, I had an idea about how to approach. client but it was not until this class that I learned how to do it the right way. "  

U of A Business Management 

Spring 2020 Graduate

  " I now have a better understanding of how to use my old and new sales skills and understanding to better sell myself when looking for a job in the broadcast industry ."  

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Sports Media Spring 2020 Graduate

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