P1 Learning can be an asset to everyone in the broadcast world, but it’s up to you to take advantage of that asset. Sometimes you need a little incentive – we understand!

P1 Learning's new three-tiered training curriculum is designed to meet you where you're at in your career and reward you for the expertise you gain. Each tier of the Solution-Driven Marketing Professional curriculum will challenge you to grow your clientele through hands-on learning materials that apply to your current sales situation. Whether you're new to the industry or a seasoned professional, you'll not only have the tools to get the new clients and renewals you're looking for, but also recognition for your efforts in improving your sales expertise. 

Once you become a Solution-Driven Marketing Professional, you will receive:

  • A letter of recognition for your portfolio.
  • An email badge linked to a description of your qualification.
  • Acknowledgement from your state broadcasters association.


P1 - Marketing Pro

P1 - A Solution-Driven Marketing Professional who's held a position of Broadcast Account Executive for two (2) years or more and sets the standard for branding, marketing and customer service. Click here to learn more.



P2 Solution Driven Marketing Pro Badge P2 – A Solution-Driven Marketing Professional who's held the position of Broadcast Account Executive for six (6) months or more and applies branding, marketing and service principles effectively. Click here to learn more.



P3 Solution Driven Marketing Pro BadgeP3A Solution-Driven Marketing Professional who's fresh to the industry and has a basic understanding of branding, marketing, and customer service. Click here to learn more. 



The Solution-Driven Marketing Professional program is free to all active P1 Learning subscribers. If you're not already a subscriber, talk with one of our team members or register for a free 7-day training demo.