Who Are P2 Marketing Professionals?


The P2 Marketing Professional has held the position of Broadcast Account Executive for six (6) months or more and applies branding, marketing and service principles effectively. 

P2 Marketing Professionals have the following qualifications:

Knowledge of copywriting for television, radio and interactive advertising.

Ability to apply the customer needs analysis effectively.

 Present a clear, engaging, and relevant presentation.  

Ability to take a customer from where they're at to where they want to go.  

 The distinction between P2 and P1 sellers are subtle, but significant. The P2 seller meets expectations and works diligently to become a P1 Marketing Professional.  

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P2 Curriculum:

 Goal Management

Introduction to Copywriting

Copywriting for Television

Copywriting for Radio

Copywriting for Interactive Advertising

       Assignment 1: Send in copy written by AE if applies. 

Scavenger Hunt

       Assignment 2: Research on Customer - Scavenger Hunt Worksheet. 

7 Stage Business Outlook Index

       Assignment 3: Using the 7 Step guide, list where your accounts are on the Index. 

Conducting the Needs Assessment

       Assignment 4: Conducting the Needs Assessment.

The Presentation

       Assignment 5: Present a proposal using P1 Learning 8 step proposal. 

10 Tips to Get the Renewal

       Assignment 6: Add your own 5 new tips.


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