Who Are P3 Marketing Professionals?


The P2 Marketing Professional is fresh to the industry and has a basic understanding of branding, marketing, and customer service. 

Attributes of a P3 seller include the following:

The ability to take control of the client relationship and effectively apply their branding and marketing skills. 

The ability to focus on their customer needs by managing expectations and emotions to establish credibility.

Knowledge and value of customer needs analysis.

A presentation style that is guided by trusted industry sources.

The P3 seller's work is a combination of their unique talents and industry best practices. They strive to build long lasting relationships and focus on stewardship modeled after the best. They have the potential to become a P2 Marketing Professional and ultimately works to become a P1 Marketing Professional.    

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P3 Curriculum:


What Does Your Boss Want From You? Part 1

What Does Your Boss Want From You? Part 2

       Assignment 1: Goals you and your boss have set for year one (1).

The Branding Process

       Assignment 2: What do you want to be known for in the industry?

Scavenger Hunt

       Assignment 3: Research on Customer – Scavenger Hunt Worksheet.


       Assignment 4: Where Do You Find Leads? List 10 Sources.

Setting the Appointment

Preparing for the First Appointment

Conducting Needs Assessment

       Assignment 5: Conducting the Needs Assessment student materials.

The Presentation

       Assignment 6: Present a proposal using P1 Learning 8 step proposal.

Ask for the Order

Service and Renewal

10 Tips to Get the Renewal

       Assignment 7: Add your own 5 new tips.

Managing Expectations & Emotions


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